Workday Student


LSU has chosen Workday Student (WDS) as its new system of record and student information system (SIS). This updated system will be replacing the existing legacy system known as Mainframe.

Faculty, staff, and students will begin using Workday for student functionality mid-spring 2025.


Faculty will use Workday Student to enter and change final grades, find your course teaching schedule, check enrollments, view class rosters, review advisees (Faculty Advisors), find your classroom, and more.

FACULTY training online

Staff who work with students, course management, and student financials will use Workday Student to complete tasks previously found in the LSU legacy mainframe system. Staff who are already using Workday for Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance transactions will continue using Workday in the same way.Staff Training Outline

Communication & Alerts

LSU will make information about the project available to the LSU Community via the project website and through periodic stakeholder updates.

Workday Student Home Page

Stay informed of the latest updates and communications on the Workday Student website and be on the lookout for upcoming Faculty and Staff resources that will be available soon.