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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Research Experiences for Undergraduates, or REUs, offer students real-world, hands-on experiences in their chosen discipline. The expertise they build in the lab setting, along with other skills they develop such as writing and communication, set REU students apart and provide a competitive advantage in their search for jobs or graduate education.


Find advice, opportunities, how-to's in this video presentation from Dr. Sheri Wischusen, Director of Undergraduate Research in the LSU College of Science

Science Undergrad Research at LSU https://youtu.be/MOiJMGewsYw


In summer REU’s, students typically work full-time in a laboratory for a period of approximately 10 weeks.  At LSU, many summer REU’s collaborate to offer additional academic and social experiences for participating students.  Through lab tours, field trips, and professional development seminars, REU students become familiar with a wide range of research topics and have the opportunity to meet faculty from academic units throughout the LSU campus.  The summer culminates with SURF, the Summer Undergraduate Research Forum, where students present the outcomes of their investigations. 

SURF 2015

Summer Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) 2015

Research at LSU

"Independent Research" Courses

LSU Discover Undergraduate Research Workshops and Campus-wide Opportunities: https://lsu.edu/discover/

Financial Aid-Based Student Work

You will be assigned a random campus job, but you can have this assignment changed if you can find a position in a lab or other science department. This will typically not be research-related, but can serve as an entry-level position to get into a lab.

Chancellor’s Aide

(President's Student Aide Scholarship Program;  a type of Work Study Program)

The Chancellor’s Student Aide Program provides an opportunity for students to work in one of our many departments. Students participating in this program can work up to 20 hours per week to earn up to $1550 per year. The student is paid an hourly wage and paychecks are sent bi-weekly.

Work Study

The Federal College Work Study program allows undergraduate students who show financial need to earn money to assist with their educational expenses.


Summer Research Programs

Application Deadlines are typically mid-February, unless otherwise noted.

Program dates for most of the LSU programs:  Late May  - Late July

There are several summer REUs to fit the needs of many students.  Some, such as the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network, have a specific academic focus and are open only to non-LSU students.  Other programs, such as the LSU-HHMI program, are open to students from across the country in virtually any discipline within the sciences.  

Application deadlines are approaching rapidly so students are encouraged to spend time learning about these programs now.  Complete information for each program may be accessed at the links provided below.