College of Science Office Staff

Administrative Services

Megan Klingler
Operations & Event Manager 
Phone: 225-578-4201 | Email:

Alumni Relations + Development

Missy Styron Amy
Director of Development
Phone: 225-578-0405 | Email: 
Ashton Maggio
Director of Development
Phone: 225-578-0187 | Email:

Kasi Davis
Development Services Coordinator
Phone: 225-578-5100 | Email:

Building Management

Steven Jones
Science Infrastructure Manager
Phone: 225-578-5809 | Email:

Business Services

Maria C. Cazes
Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration
Phone: 225-578-2648 | Email:
Tim Hallin
Computer Manager
Phone: 225-578-8836  |  Email:
Angee Northern
Administrative Specialist/Financial Operations
Phone: 225-578-8247 | Email:
Monica R. Derozan, MBA MPA
Business Manager
Phone: 225-578-3317 | Email:
Rose Dedon
Senior Business Coordinator
Phone: 225-578-7823 |


Stachia B. Marioneaux
Director of Communications & Marketing
Phone: 225-578-2935  |  Email:
Meredith Keating
Digital Communications Specialist
Phone: 225-578-1027 | Email: 
Bianca Scolaro, PhD
Research Communications Specialist
Phone: 225-578-2321 | Email: 

Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC)

Becky Carmichael, PhD
College of Science C-I Course Coordinator, Distinguished Communicator Advisor
Phone: 225-578-7656 | Email:

Diversity and Inclusion

Valerie D. Stampley
Coordinator of Outreach and Special Initiatives
Phone: 225-578-0135 | Email:


Research Development

Dr. Gretchen R. Stein
Assistant Dean of Research Development & Operations
Phone: 225-578-4001 | Email: 

Special Programs

James Madden
Director of Special Programs
Phone: 225-578-7988  |  Email:

Student Services 

Kathryn Triche Loveless
Assistant Dean, Academic Services
Phone: 225-578-4200  |  Email:
Robby S. Bowen
Director, Pre-Health Programs
Phone: 225-578-4200  |   Email:
Matt Duris
Academic Counselor, Pre-Health Advisor
Phone: 225-578-4200 | Email:
Tori L. Tersteeg
Recruitment Coordinator
225-578-4200 | Email: 
Erin D. Peck
Academic Counselor
225-578-4200 | Email:
Erin Snyder
Academic Counselor
Phone: 225-578-4200 | Email:
Allison Hargrave
Academic Counselor, Science Residential College Advisor
College of Science
Phone: 225-578-4200 | Email:

Kyle Lavergne
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 225-578-4255 | Email: