X-ray Crystallography Facility

Bruker Kappa Apex-II

The LSU Department of Chemistry X-ray Crystallography Facility occupies 450 sq ft on the 6th floor of Choppin Hall.

The Facility Manager is Dr. Frank R. Fronczek (ffroncz@lsu.edu).

 Facility Equipment:

  • A Bruker Kappa Apex-II DUO diffractometer equipped with two X-ray sources. These are a Mo sealed-tube source with Triumph focusing monochromator and an ImuS Cu microfocus source which is particularly well suited for the study of small, weakly scattering crystals and for absolute configuration determination of chiral organics. The diffractometer is also equipped with an Oxford Cryostream 700 cryostat capable of maintaining temperatures in the range 90-400K. Most data are collected at about 100K.
  • A second Bruker Kappa Apex-II diffractometer equipped with graphite-monochromated sealed-tube Mo X-ray source. This instrument is also equipped with an Oxford Cryostream model 700.
  • Three Windows 10 computers with complete suites of crystallographic software. Software is the Bruker Apex3 suite, which includes diffractometer-control routines, SHELXT and SHELXL structure solution and refinement programs, and graphics interfaces, also the WinGX software suite for structure solution, refinement and visualization. The department also has a site license for the Cambridge Structural Database and associated software for searching and analyzing literature structures.
  • A Zeiss 2000-C stereo zoom polarizing microscope for sample manipulation and crystal mounting. It is equipped with a digital camera and a TV display, which allows others to observe what is seen through the microscope and photography of samples.