LSU chemistry professor named 2024 Rising Star

September 13, 2023

Dr. Noémie Elgrishi

Assistant Professor Noémie Elgrishi

Noémie Elgrishi, an assistant professor of chemistry at LSU, has been chosen by the American Chemical Society, or ACS, Women Chemists Committee for a 2024 Rising Star Award for her work in environmental chemistry.

The ACS Women Chemists Committee aims to attract, develop, promote, and advocate for women in the chemical sciences. In 2011, the committee created the Rising Star Award to acknowledge early to mid-career women chemists' achievements and motivate them to continue their outstanding work.  

The Elgrishi research team focuses on developing electrochemical techniques to improve the energy efficiency of complex proton-coupled electron transfer processes, or PCET. The team additionally investigates how confinement affects molecular electrocatalytic systems. Promising applications of these methods include water purification and improved energy storage. 

Elgrishi received her predoctoral education from École Normale Supérieure and Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris VI in France. During her master's degree, Elgrishi studied host-guest interactions in molecular cages at the University of Cambridge and energy storage through photocatalytic HX splitting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

In 2015, Elgrishi completed her Ph.D. at the Collège de France in Paris, investigating electrochemical CO2 reduction catalyzed by molecular complexes of first row transition metals. She then moved to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill for postdoctoral studies, working on mechanistic investigations of PCET processes. In the fall of 2017, Elgrishi joined the LSU chemistry department as an assistant professor.

Elgrishi's recognition represents her commitment, talent, and contributions to the field of environmental chemistry and motivates women scientists and chemists worldwide. She will discuss her research at the ACS Spring 2024 National Meeting in New Orleans and be presented with the award at a reception following the WCC Rising Star Symposium.

To learn more about Assistant Professor Noémie Elgrishi and her research, visit her group page