Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy

The Leave of Absence Policy is available to students due to circumstances beyond their control that interrupts continuous enrollment in a fall or spring semester at LSU. This interruption is formally recognized as a Leave of Absence (LOA). 

Students may be considered for a LOA for health-related needs, change of family circumstance, financial hardship and/or work changes, or other significant events that would negatively impact the student’s progress toward degree. 

The Dean of the student’s college will approve the LOA on a student-by-student basis considering all relevant information as well as the student’s academic performance to date. Students may request a leave of absence on a semester basis. It is the University’s expectation that students will not exceed one year of leave over the course of their time as an undergraduate student. When taking a leave of absence no longer than one year, students are not required to reapply to the university.  

Details regarding the LOA procedure and associated fees may be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar.

Instructions for Requesting an Undergraduate Leave of Absence

  1. Students can apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) for the next regular semester (fall or spring). The LOA form must be completed by all students taking a leave of absence from LSU.
  2. University College – Center for Freshman Year (UCFY) students may initiate their request for a LOA with a UCFY academic counselor once fee bills for the LOA semester are available. The UCFY academic counselor will issue the LOA form.
  3. The LOA process must be initiated no later than the last day to add courses for the semester in which the LOA status is requested.
  4. Students must contact the following offices for additional approval:

    ♦ Undergraduate Admissions & Student Aid – Pleasant Hall Lobby / 225-578-3103 / resignation@lsu.edu 
    ♦ Office of the University Registrar – 112 Thomas Boyd Hall / 225-578-1686 / registrar@lsu.edu
    ♦ Bursar Operations – 125 Thomas Boyd Hall / 225-578-3357 / bursar@lsu.edu
    ♦ Other applicable offices are referenced under Important Contacts below

  5. The LOA process must be completed or withdrawn by the registration/payment deadline for the semester in which the LOA status is requested.
  6. After the form is processed by all applicable offices, a $10 LOA fee will be added to that semester’s fee bill. Students are responsible for payment of the LOA registration fee and any prior semester outstanding balance (if applicable). Spring fee bills are available late November/early December and fall fee bills are available in mid-July. Refer to the LSU Schedule Booklet on the Office of the University Registrar’s website as dates may vary.
  7. Students must pay their fee bill and prior semester balance (if applicable)/complete registration by the semester payment deadline in which the LOA status is being requested for this policy to be applied. Students unable to complete registration/payment by this deadline will not be eligible for the LOA policy for the requested semester.

Additional Information Regarding Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Allotted Time Frame

  • Students may not exceed one year (two regular semesters) in a Leave of Absence (LOA) status over the course of their time as an undergraduate student.
  • Students must complete the LOA process for each regular semester for which leave is being requested, even if the semesters are consecutive (fall and spring; spring and fall).

MyProxy Accounts

Students who will not have access to their myLSU account during their LOA time frame may create a myProxy account which is a web portal designed for a parent, guardian, or any other designated person to access approved LSU student information. A myProxy designee can create an LSU Community Account and request access to a student’s fee bill to allow a designee to submit the $10 LOA fee and any prior semester outstanding balance (if applicable) on the student’s behalf.

Instructions to Create a MyProxy Account

  • An LSU student must invite you OR you can Request Access from a student.
  • You will need to Accept the Invitation OR wait for the student to accept your Request for Access.
  • If you DO NOT have a MyLSU Account ID, you will be prompted to Create an LSU Community Account.
  • Important Note: If multiple children attend LSU, only one myProxy account needs to be created.

Reapplying to LSU 

  • Reapplication to LSU is not required if the student returns in the next regular semester following LOA (fall or spring).
  • Reapplication to LSU is required if the student does not return to LSU or does not apply for their final semester of LOA. Visit LSU Undergraduate Admissions https://lsu.edu/admissions/apply/  to learn more about the reapplication process. Please note that readmission to LSU for a student’s intended major is not guaranteed.
  • Students who are not enrolled for at least two consecutive regular semesters (fall or spring) must follow the curricular requirements stated in the catalog at the time of readmission. This would result in a change in catalog year and possible change in degree requirements. 

Future Course Scheduling 

  • A student’s scheduling priority for the next semester will not be affected by LOA.
  • A student will be able to register for the next regular semester when their registration priority opens based on the hours of credit they have earned, unless they have a hold.
  • Students with a hold will need to contact their advisor before registering for the next regular semester.

Taking Courses at Another Institution 

  • Students may not enroll in another institution while on LOA.
  • The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) is notified when on LOA. NSC is the nation’s trusted source for degree verification, enrollment verification, and student educational outcomes research.
  • The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is notified when on LOA.

Incomplete Grades

  • Students with incomplete grades for the prior semester approved for LOA must meet original incomplete deadline.
  • If additional time is needed beyond the deadline, students can request a deadline extension with each professor. If approved, professor can sign an I Grade Extension Form with new deadline and submit to your UCFY advisor to submit to the Office of the University Registrar.
  • If students are unable to complete all outstanding work by the “I” grade deadline, then grades will convert to an “F”.

Important Contacts 

Students are encouraged to consult with the following appropriate offices when considering Leave of Absence:

  • Residential Life – 99 Grace King Hall / 225-578-8663 / housing@lsu.edu
  • International Services Office – 1010 Hatcher Hall / 225-578-3191 / isograd@lsu.edu
  • Office of Veterans Affairs – Pleasant Hall / 225-578-3103 / va@lsu.edu
  • Meal Plan – Tiger Card Office – 109 Student Union / 225-578-4300 / tigercard@lsu.edu