Notary Exam Information

The Louisiana Secretary of State offers the Louisiana State Notary Exam administered by the LSU Office of Testing & Evaluation Services.
This information is provided as a courtesy to exam-takers, the sole authority for all notary exam information is the Louisiana Secretary of State.
Please consult the notary website prior to reading the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When is the next notary test?    
  • Where do I sign up for the notary test?
  • What if my name is different on my Driver's License?
    • Your name must be the same as the name that you registered with the Secretary of State’s Office for the Notary Exam.  If your name has changed (e.g. you were married) you need to update your Driver's License and with Secretary of State. Your Driver's License must be valid (not expired). Please see the notary website for additional information.
  • Can I change the location I am taking the notary test?
    • Once you receive your admission ticket, please email and make your request for a change of location.
  • How do I request accommodations for the exam?
    • Please read the notary website for the process for requesting an accommodation, information and process are located under Americans with Disabilities section.
  • When do I find out where I take the notary test?
    • You will receive an admission ticket by email with your test location approximately five (5) days before the exam date. If within this five-day window, please check your junk/spam box. You can email and request it to be resent.
  • I cannot sign into / timed-out of the notary pretest. Can you help?
    • Send an email to and your pre-test exam will be reset.
  • I have last year’s Study Guide for the notary test, will that suffice?
    • No, you will need to purchase a new study guide from the notary website.

  • How long is the notary test / are there breaks?
    • The test format is five hours. You govern your time; breaks are included in the 5-hour testing window.
  • What can I bring with me to the notary test / can I have my purse at the notary exam?
    • You may bring a purse with you, but please read the notary website for prohibited items.
  • Can I use TABS on the notary test?
    • Please see the notary website for tabs allowed, under the Examination Day Information heading.

LSU Campus Location Information

    • What is the best way to get to LSU campus?
    • Where do I park for the notary test?
      • Parking on Saturdays is not restricted if there are no other campus-wide events taking place. Contact the LSU Welcome Center and they can direct you: 225-578-5030.
    • I’m on campus, how do I walk there?
      • Go to the Memorial Clock Tower. We are the third building in a row behind David Boyd Hall.
    • Which door do I use?
      • There are two doors – one entrance is from David Boyd Hall (accessible for exam-takers with disabilities) and the other is from the Quad.

Photo of Himes Accessible Entrance

David Boyd Entrance (Accessible)

The Himes Hall from David Boyd Intrance

Himes Quad Entrance (Non-accessible)

  • Can I review what I got wrong on the notary test?
    • In a teaching and learning environment, such as a high school or college classroom, instructors often go over test questions to assist students in the overall learning process. The process of developing and administering proficiency tests or examinations such as the Louisiana Notary Public Examination does not include a teaching and learning component for preparing candidates to pass the examination. Items that comprise such tests typically are not publicly disclosed.
  • When are the scores / results for the notary test going to be ready?
    • Scores are usually emailed four to six weeks after the exam date.