All accommodations must be approved and granted with the Office of Disability Services. The LSU Testing Center works with the Office of Disability Services to ensure all students are able to use computer-based testing with their granted accommodations. 


Extended Time (Only) Accommodations

The LSU Testing Center can only provide students with extended time accommodations. To schedule an extended time exam, students and faculty need to follow the following process:

  1. Student will provide their course instructor with their extended time documentation from the Office of Disability Services before the exam.
  2. The course instructor will be responsible for adding the extended time accommodation in the test scheduling system in Moodle via the SmarterProctoring external tool. Course instructors who need information on how to add extended time can visit the Faculty Testing Center page.
  3. The extended time will need to be entered into the exam delivery software. This process differs whether the exam is being provided in Questionmark, which the LSU Testing Center provides, or another software system, such as Pearson, Wiley, Simnet, Cengate, etc.
    1. If Questionmark, the instructor emails with a list of students requiring extending time and the Office of Testing & Evaluation Services makes the change for the instructor.
    2. If another software system, the instructor must make the adjustment.

Other Disability Accommodation(s)

If students have other disability accommodations beyond extended time they will need to schedule their exams through the Office of Disability Services. 

Students must register to take an exam in Disability Services via the Exam Request Form. All exam requests must be submitted at least three business days in advance.
Please visit the Office of Disability Services for more information.

ADA Accommodations Process Flowchart

Please see the ADA Accommodations Process PDF for a quick guide to computer-based testing accommodations at LSU.

If any assistance is needed accessing the PDF, please email or call the Office of Testing & Evaluation Services at 12255781145

Image of ADA Accomodations Flowchart - See PDF for fully accessible version.*LSU Testing Center is not elevator accessible - For students using wheelchairs, follow the "Other Accommodation(s)" process.
*ODS - Office of Disability Services testing office is located in 122 Johnston Hall and may be reached at 2255782613.

Short-term Physical Injury

The LSU Testing Center (basement location) is not elevator accessible, however, test-takers with short-term physical injuries who wish to take their already scheduled test at the LSU Testing Center may do so in 102 Himes Hall. Please email or call the Office of Testing & Evaluation Services at 12255781145 at least 48 business hours in advance to make these arrangements.