Minor in Computer Science 

In order to complete an undergraduate minor in computer science, students must complete the required courses below along with three credit hours of a computer science elective at the 3000 level or above. The minor requires a total of 21 credit hours.

Required Courses

Course Number Course Description Credits
CSC 1253 Computer Science I with C++ 3
CSC 1254 Computer Science II with C++ 3
CSC 2259 Discrete Structures 3
CSC 3102 Advanced Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis 3
CSC 3501 Computer Organization and Design 3

CSC 4101 or*

CSC 4103

Programming Languages

Operating Systems



Except in special cases for Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Mathematics majors, outside substitutions (i.e., courses in other departments) will not be allowed. Students desiring a Minor in Computer Science must complete all required credit hours with CSC courses.

Please see the General Catalog for course descriptions and other information.

Students are encouraged to carefully read the course descriptions and avoid courses that are too similar in nature to courses already taken with another department. Often, credit will not be given for two similar courses. If you have received credit outside of the computer science department for a course similar to a course that is required for the minor, you must seek written permission from an advisor to substitute another computer science course.