Graduate Minor in Computer Science (GCSC)

The Division of Computer Science and Engineering offers a graduate minor in computer science (GCSC). To obtain the minor, a student must meet the course requirements outlined below and a CSE professor must be a member of the student’s exam committee. Interested students should contact the CSE graduate advisor, Dr. Qingyang Wang, for more information.

To obtain the GCSC minor, a student must complete three (3) or more approved CSC courses (9 credit hours).  At least one course must be at the 7000 level, while the remaining two courses may be either 4000 or 7000 level. Only CSC lecture courses worth three (3) or more credit hours will be approved.

Non-lecture courses including but not limited to CSC 4999, CSC 7090, CSC 7800, CSC 7999, CSC 8000, and CSC 9000 are not approved for the GCSC minor.

To qualify for credit toward the minor, a course must be completed with a grade of B- (B minus) or higher. A course may be retaken to improve the grade, or a different approved course may be taken to replace a course with an insufficient grade.