Educational Outreach

BAE is committed to quality engineering education of LSU students and Louisiana residents through our academic and extension networks:

  • BE Engineering Education
  • LSU Community Playground Project
  • LaHouse Resource Center
  • Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)

Engineering Education

BAE is committed to delivering quality engineering education.  The department's student-teacher ratio is about 26:1, which results in a personal instructional atmosphere in Biological Engineering classes.

The BE program is also enhanced by providing access to modern equipment for use and frequent study in laboratory classes. Most of our laboratory sections are directly managed by the teaching faculty, so the students have more time with a highly experienced mentor. 

Students complete 2-semester capstone design projects at the end of their curriculum to prepare them for engineering project management and open-ended engineering problem-solving design. Faculty provide one-on-one mentorship for these projects.

In addition to having a highly interactive, hands on curriculum, the BE major features special course designations that further enrich the curriculum. Many of the faculty have made a commitment to design their courses to be communication intensive so that BE students can pursue the Distinguished Communicator Certification through the university’s CxC program.  This program assists students in developing effective oral, written, visual, and technical communication skills vital for success in the workforce. 

The BE program also has two Service-Learning Courses, BE 1252 and BE 4303.  In service-learning courses, students meet their learning objectives by working with a community partner to address a critical community need. This pedagogy builds student leadership skills, reinforces course content, and builds community capacity. 

Most of the BE teaching faculty have received teaching awards from Gamma Sigma Delta, LSU, and beyond. Several members of the faculty are members of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

Several BE faculty have published research papers and textbooks in engineering education:

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  • Monroe, W., Mailander, M. and M. Lima. 2006. Focus on Experiential Education:  A Freshman Engineering Program in Biological & Agricultural Engineering. International Journal of Engineering Education 22(6): 1129-1138.
  • Lima, M. 2014. The LSU Community Playground Project: Reflections on 16 years of an engineering service-learning program. Int. J. for Service-Learning, Humanitarian Engineering, and Social Entrepreneurship. Special Issue: University Engineering Programs that Impact  Communities: Critical Analyses and Reflection, pp. 492-508
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LSU Community Playground Project 
The LSU Community Playground Project works with Baton Rouge area communities to design and build safe, accessible playgrounds. Playgrounds are designed to meet ASTM safety guidelines and recommendations and to reflect the unique aspects of individual communities.

Principal Investigator: Marybeth Lima, Ph.D., P.E.

Playground at Bernard Terrace Elementary

Bernard Terrace Elementary Build in January 2015

LaHouse Resource Center

A research-based showcase of solutions to shape your future with homes that offer: more comfort, durability, value, convenience, environmental quality, safety and better health with less energy, water, pollution, waste, damage and loss.

LaHouse Website