Undergraduate Advising

Each LSU student is expected to read and understand the General Catalog. Once you are a student at LSU, your online Degree Audit (found under Student Services in the myLSU Portal) will be your most valuable tool for viewing your required courses, allowable substitutions, and courses available or not available for degree credit.

Your personal guide to planning for your best and most efficient undergraduate experience is your advisor who you should visit before registering for each semester.

Students are required to see an advisor from biological engineering for one-on-one personal advising. Every BE major should have received an email about your advisor who will be able to help you plan your schedule of classes for the semester.

If you need help finding your advisor, contact our Undergraduate Coordinator Nicholas Totaro by email (ntotar1@lsu.edu) or by visiting Room 105 EB Doran Building.

You may also need our Undergraduate Coordinator for the following:

  • Finding your assigned advisor,
  • Help with your semester-by semester plan of study,
  • Class enrollment overrides,
  • Special permission of course substitutions,
  • Departmental approval (signature) of course work for Biological Engineering and Second Discipline concentration,
  • Departmental approval of elective credits not on the pre-approved list for each concentration,
  • Evaluation of transfer credit,
  • Approval to take BE credit tests.

Appointments are suggested, but walk-ins are welcomed.