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Curriculum Theory Project

The Curriculum Theory Project is a community of internationally recognized scholars and intellectually vibrant students from a diversity of backgrounds whose primary goals are to research the role education plays in a democratic society and participate in the future of curriculum theory nationally and internationally. Curriculum Theory, as the interdisciplinary study of educational experience, aspires to understand educational practices within broad social and cultural frameworks, focusing on what counts as knowledge, and what knowledge is most valued, by whom, at what time, and for what purpose.  Engaging experience, analysis and imagination, this field of scholarly inquiry seeks to articulate the significance of curriculum as lived and explore at the nexus of subject matter, society and self its generative possibilities. 




Dr. Petra Munro Hendry, St. Bernard Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association Endowed Professor, received the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division B Lifetime Achievement Award in Curriculum Studies at the AERA National Meeting in Washington D.C.