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CAS Personalized Tutoring

Trained peer tutors provide free, appointment-based sessions at the Shell Tutorial Center in the LSU Library.

For questions and concerns contact the Shell Tutorial Center at 225-578-6757 or email ezhang2@lsu.edu.

Prepare for your tutoring session:

  • Do as much work as you can before the session.
  • Determine specific questions you would like to discuss with the tutor.
  • Bring course materials and notes.

Scheduling How To Guide

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The CAS tutor training program is CRLA certified.

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  • Small group-tutoring (up to 3 students) is offered in 60 min blocks.
  • Individual tutoring is offered in 30 minute blocks.
  • Up to 2 sessions can be scheduled at a time.
  • Additional appointments can be scheduled after the session is completed.
  • Walk-ins also accepted if tutor availability allows.

Schedule Tutoring

CAS Shell Peer Tutoring

Accessibility Note: Below is an interactive dashboard displaying the Shell Tutoring schedule with options to filter by "Subject". If you are unable to access this content, please contact the Shell Tutorial Center at 225-578-6757 or email cas@lsu.edu.



Additional Tutoring Options

NetTutor Online Tutoring

In addition to free tutoring from CAS peer tutors, online tutoring is also available through NetTutor. Tutor availability varies, so please refer to the NetTutor website for schedules. Students begin with 900 free minutes. If additional minutes are needed, please email cas@lsu.edu.

Subjects offered are:

  • Reading
  • Math: basic math through calculus II
  • Business: statistics, finance, economics, accounting
  • Science: general biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, physics, chemistry
  • World Language: Spanish
  • Computers & Technology

Select NetTutor Tutoring Center.


Note: The CAS provides this free service through NetTutor, but does not employ NetTutor's tutors.

State of Louisiana Homework Help

The State of Louisiana Homework Help is a service provided by the State Library of Louisiana. You can access it anywhere in Louisiana or by using your Louisiana public library card. 

LSU Communication Across the Curriculum Resources

Writing Coaching/Mentoring - To refine your skills as a writer, connect with a writing coach.

C-I/CxC Course Projects Support

LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy Tutoring

In addition to Physics Tutoring provided by the LSU CAS, the Department of Physics & Astronomy also provides tutoring for select Physics courses.

Open to:  LSU Students taking selected Physics courses


LSU Department of Mathematics Tutoring

In addition to Math Tutoring provided by the LSU CAS, the Department of Mathematics also provides tutoring for select Math courses.

Open to: LSU Students taking selected Math courses

LSU Residential College Tutoring

Residential College participants can meet with their instructors, advisor, and rector during virtual or in-hall office hours and have additional, specialized tutoring opportunities.

Open to: LSU Students living in Residential Colleges


Interested in becoming an LSU Tutor?

Tutors are responsible for working one-on-one in their subject with students in the Shell Tutorial Center.

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8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Shell Tutorial Center
141B LSU Library
Summer Hours:
M-F: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.


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