Every student admitted to LSU has the potential to obtain academic success, and we use science-based techniques to help students achieve optimal academic performance. As your student’s champion, you are a valuable resource.

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Supporting Your Tiger's Academic Success

Check out the Tiger Family Talks Webinar: Supporting Your Tiger's Academic Success presented by LSU Parent and Family Programs.

The Center for Academic Success, along with current LSU students and a member of the Family Council, share helpful tips and advice on how to support your Tiger's academic success.


A New Ball Game

LSU academics differ from high school academics in several important ways:

  • College academics involve more than basic memorization. Students must apply, analyze and evaluate new concepts and processes in less time, so they must study effectively.
  • Class lectures may highlight subject concepts, but students must spend extra time studying additional sources (textbook etc.) and assessing their own level of material mastery, so time management becomes crucial for student success.
  • Class tests tend to have higher stakes, as many have only two or three grading opportunities per semester. Students must learn strategies on how to move information to long-term memory.

To help students make a successful transition to college academics, CAS recommends students use The Study Cycle to learn efficiently and at the college level. Professional Academic Coaches are also available to help students with time management and study/learning strategies, including, but not limited to note-taking, reading, test-taking, learning styles, and test-anxiety.

A New Rule Book: University Academic PoliciesParents helping student unload car

Important policies that may be helpful

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Your Role as Cheerleader: Supporting Your Student

You can cheer your student on by doing the following:

  • Check in. You may think that no news is good news, but that may not be the case with your student. Checking in with them will open the lines of communication to help them get the help they need. Ask questions about your tiger's semester, classes and professors.
  • Praise. Celebrating small achievements can go a long way and help your tiger push through to the bigger accomplishments.
  • Encourage. Encouragement goes a long way with students who are navigating a new terrain or facing obstacles. Your role is as important as professors, academic advisors, and educational mentors and your student may need you to regularly help them work through their challenges. 
  • Support. In addition to being your student’s champion, you are probably their support as well. Providing comfort and support when students meet the challenges of college life can be extremely powerful. And, we can help. If your student is experiencing trouble in their academics, encourage them to visit us or speak with their academic counselor.

Tips for Your Tiger

  • Visit professors during office hours.
  • Use CAS resources, such as SI, Tutoring and Academic Coaching, early and often.
  • Plan study time and limit interruptions by avoiding cellphones and errands during this period.
  • Use only positive self-talk to avoid undue pressure.
  • Sleep, exercise and eat healthy foods.
  • Practice deep breathing to reduce stress and clear the mind.   



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