Promotion & Tenure

As noted from PS 36, the university seeks to employ and maintain faculty with superior qualifications to advance its mission and to nurture and support the work of those faculty members. The decision to award tenure is of distinguished and central importance. The university will do so only through a rigorous, careful process of examination and deliberation. Accordingly, the decision to tenure entails the presumption of professional excellence. It implies the expectation of an academic career that will develop and grow in quality and value, and one that will be substantially self-supervised and self-directed.

Updated: Aug. 24, 2023

Promotion/Tenure Recommendations 2023-24

Action Regular Cycle Date (effective fall 2024) Mid-year Cycle Date (effective spring 2025)
Last day for meetings between
candidates and deans to occur
November 17, 2023 April 5, 2024
Regular cycle recommendations due to Academic Affairs (via LSU Box)
Mid-year cycle recommendation due to Academic Affairs (via Elements)
December 1, 2023 April 12, 2024
Forwarded for Graduate Council review December 15, 2023 April 19, 2024
Returned to Academic Affairs
from Graduate Council
February 16, 2024 May 10, 2024
Sent to Vice Provosts, and Vice Presidents for review February 26, 2024 May 24, 2024
Collective reviews by Provost, Vice Provosts,
and Vice President for Research & Economic Development
March 11, 2024 June 14, 2024
Final Campus review by President and Provost March 25, 2024 July 8, 2024
Faculty will be notified of the results by the President May 15, 2024 August 15, 2024


For questions regarding the promotion and tenure process, please contact Ryan Landry (

Senior Distinguished/Instructor Recommendations 2023-2024

Action Deadline
List of candidates to Academic Affairs to check eligibility (via LSU Box) November 3, 2023
Candidate reviews to be completed by Department and College March 29, 2024
List of faculty approved for advanced working titles due to Academic Affairs (to Mallory Danzy at   April 5, 2024
Faculty will be notified by their college April 5, 2024


Extension of the Tenure Clock

In the course of a faculty member’s time in rank, the University may grant a temporary departure from the tenure-track, commonly called “Stopping the Tenure Clock.”