LSU Student Media


The Office of Student Media is home to LSU's four student-produced media outlets, which provide news, information and entertainment to the campus and hands-on learning opportunities for students.

The Office of Student Media strives to encourage its students to produce excellent products, with student control over content and process in order to maximize learning. As an essential part of fulfilling this philosophy, the Office of Student Media staff ensures sound fiscal policies and cares for resources for the long term.

The main mission of the Office of Student Media is to provide the campus with news and information, an exchange of ideas and entertainment. While doing all of this, Student Media also provides hands-on experience for hundreds of students each year in writing/reporting, marketing/promotions, graphic design, photography, Radio production, TV production, as well as in leadership, management and fiscal responsibility.

Each medium has its own adviser who has no control over content but trains, critiques, and advocates for the staff as necessary and helps make sure the staff has the resources it needs to get the job done. The training and coaching come first, then the advisers step back and let the students work, without editing or censoring. Generally, the advisers do not see content before publication or broadcast, but rather do critiques afterwards. It is the student editors and station managers, chosen by an independent Media Board, who hire their staffs and decide on all editorial content and programming.

This model separates the students from administrative control, allowing them to be a true and independent voice of the students, and places them in a real-world context where they make decisions for which they must then take responsibility.

The business, advertising and technical areas are run by permanent University staff members.