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Undergraduate Research

Why Should I Get Involved in Research as an Undergraduate Science Major?

Research is for everyone, including undergraduate students. By participating in research experiences you gain invaluable real world experiences and insight into the principles and methodologies you learn in the laboratory or class lectures. By starting as an undergraduate you can:

Find out whether you want to continue your studies by going to graduate or professional school OR if you really want a job in that field.

  • Learn skills in communication (written and oral), critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and time management.
  • Make connections with scientists.
  • Establish yourself in the science community by having your name on publications.
  • Develop valuable skills that will help you succeed in your classes and throughout life.
  • Enhance your understanding and knowledge of your academic field.
  • Clarify your academic, career, and personal interests.
  • Earn class credit and get a grade for your hard work and time (“Independent Research Course) or be financially rewarded as a bonus for your time (Summer Research Experience). 

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Research at LSU

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