College of Science Students, Faculty, and Staff Recognized at the 46th Annual Arthur R. Choppin Honors Convocation

BATON ROUGE- At the end of every spring semester, the College of Science and its departments recognize students, faculty, and staff who have made significant professional accomplishments and notable contributions to the department throughout the academic year at the Arthur R. Choppin Honors Convocation.

“We have outstanding students, staff, and faculty all across the college. Every year, I look forward to learning at the Honors Convocation about the brand-new ways they excel in the classroom, the office, and the laboratory,” said Associate Dean of Academic Services, Dr. Andrew Maverick.

Dr. Choppin graduated from LSU in 1918 with majors in chemistry and botany. After serving in World War I, he became an instructor at LSU and obtained a master’s degree in chemistry in 1925. He took a leave of absence to earn his Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1929. Choppin became an assistant professor of chemistry at LSU and established a research program in kinetics. After promotion to full professor in 1936, he was made dean of the college in 1944, where he remained until his retirement in 1968. During his tenure as dean of the then College of Chemistry and Physics, Dr. Choppin oversaw the conversion of the basic sciences at LSU from a unit largely engaged in teaching to one that promoted research by its faculty and students.

In memory of Dr. Choppin and his dedication to our college, this ceremony, now in its 46th year, is made possible by gifts made in Choppin’s honor through the LSU Foundation and the scholarship fund of the Louisiana Department of the American Legion.

Congratulations to this year’s honorees!


College of Science Recognitions

Outstanding Sophomore: Ella Cochran

Outstanding Junior: Anna Leyrer

Outstanding Senior: Claire Brescher

Student Ambassador- Graduating Senior: Houston Smith

Student Ambassador – Graduating Senior: Leora Wilson

SRC Outstanding Student: Amelia Hayde 

Distinguished Dissertation Award: Glaucia Del-Rio


Dr. Marion D. “Soc” Socolofsky Award for Teaching Excellence (Tie): Rebecca Nguyen and Johnna Roose

Non-Tenured Faculty Research Award: Daijiang Li

Undergraduate Teaching Award: Ling Long

Graduate Teaching Award: Noémie Elgrishi

Staff Excellence Award: Elizabeth Hlucky

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mentoring (Tenure-Track Faculty): Catherine Deibel

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mentoring (Non-Tenure-Track Faculty): Funda Kizilkaya


LSU College of Science Office of Diversity & Inclusion Recognition

SCI Lead: Grace Brandhurst, Jason Huang, Darryl Higgins, Dykia Williams, Nina Colegrove, Sadam Raabith, Tammy San, Zahra Naeini, Skylar Mancuso, Nita McCulla, Maci Mannina, and Connor Couvillon

SOARS: Jason Huang, Aaliyah Hameed, and Raenessa Walker 


Department of Biological Sciences Recognitions

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Award: Zahra Naeini 

Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry: Alexa Gonzalez

Charles S. McCleskey Memorial Endowment Scholarship: Kenedi Lynch

Amborski Award: Lucy Detweiler

Socolofsky Scholarship: Emily Evans

Geaux Teach Award: Robert Godke

The Harvey Landry Jr. Greater BR State Fair Scholarship Fund: Tanisha Patel

Marie Standifer Undergraduate Award in Biological Sciences: Lexie Cheremie

Virginia Rice Williams Memorial Scholarship: Sophia Matylis


Department of Chemistry Recognitions

Boussert Outstanding Student Award: Cale Locicero and Anne D’Armond

Chemistry Divisional Student Award – Inorganic: Katy Knecht

Chemistry Divisional Student Award – Physical: Kyron Thomas

Chemistry Divisional Student Award – Organic: Zoe Patton

Chemistry Divisional Student Award – Analytical: Kaitlyn Hall 

Chemistry Divisional Student Award – Macromolecular: Emma Breaux 


Department of Geology & Geophysics Recognitions

Geology Outstanding Senior: Sarah Bancroft

Geology Outstanding Junior: Mary Roach

Geology Outstanding Sophomore: Brett Dodson


Department of Mathematics Recognitions

Betti and Robert Giles Senior Mathematics Award: Michael Gravois

Peg and Tom Madden Mathematics Research Scholarship: Lillian Powell, Thao Nguyen, and Joel Keller

Margaret Oxley Mathematics Education Award: Paul Theders

Pasquale Porcelli Rising Junior Undergraduate Scholarship: Jay Garcia

Pasquale Porcelli Rising Senior Undergraduate Scholarship: Han Nguyen


Department of Physics & Astronomy Recognitions

Keen-Morris Award for Outstanding Senior: Michael Gravois