Kisatchie National Forest

On May 2022, the herbarium crew and associated labs at LSU went for a 3-day expedition to Kisatchie National Forest in northwestern Louisiana. The aim was to collect vascular plants across different vegetation types, such as longleaf pine savannas, bogs, prairies, disturbed areas, among others.

We collected more than 200 specimens while honing our field techniques, learning the about the flora and landscape from regional botanists, and having lots of fun. Duplicate specimens are sent to the USDA's Southern Research Station Herbarium (SFRP).

Herbarium krewe at Kisatchie National Forest, 2022 - Collecting the flora of Louisiana

Herbarium krewe at Kisatchie National Forest, 2022 - Pressing our collections

Herbarium krewe at Kisatchie National Forest, 2022 - Searching vascular plants

Colombian Andes

Our first, big expedition after the COVID lockdown was in Colombia! We traveled around the eastern and western cordilleras (Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Antioquia y Bogotá) to collect different angiosperm groups: Pentaphyllacaeae, Rubiaceae, Ericaceae, Campanulaceae, Melastomataceae, and more.

During 7 weeks, we were not only mesmerized by the flora diversity of the Andes, but also by delicious food, breathtaking landscapes, networking with amazing colleagues, and listening to Colombian music everywhere.

Fieldwork in Colombia, 2022 - Collecting in the paramos

Fieldwork in Colombia, 2022 - Hiking in the cloud forests

Fieldwork in Colombia, 2022 - Pressing plants in the field