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About the College

The LSU College of Engineering is dedicated to creating engineers who can transform ideas into reality to solve society's problems and improve the quality of life. We cultivate leaders with a strong sense of global awareness, an entrepreneurial spirit, and great communication skills. LSU Engineering students are immediately successful after graduation due to experiences that yield increased opportunities in the workforce.

Companies hire LSU graduates because our program is designed to prepare future industry leaders in a variety of disciplines. We do this through award-winning programs, professors, and research opportunities. The LSU College of Engineering is the best in the state, and one of the fastest growing colleges in the country.

Strategic Plan

Louisiana, like the rest of the world, depends on engineers for economic development, growth and success. In recognition of the important role our engineers, construction managers, and computer scientists will play in the future of the state, the College of Engineering has developed a five-year strategic plan to capitalize on its current success and continue to excel even during the current, bleak budget situation.

This strategic blueprint sets a bold statement for the college's mission, not just to graduate engineers, but to provide the next generation of leaders for industry and society. The plan identifies the college’s strengths and opportunities while clearing a pathway to success in 2015 - 2025. Learn more about the College of Engineering strategic plan.

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