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Research Mentor Database


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What is it?

This is a database that helps connect undergraduate students with LSU faculty research mentors. Students interested in getting involved in research should reach out to a listed faculty member by directly emailing them.


How do I use it?

For students:

  • First, click the link to the database (you will need to login with your LSU ID and password).  Then choose the college and department to find a list of faculty members in your area.
  • Read through the various faculty profiles and choose one to contact.  Email that faculty mentor directly!  In your email, you can request a meeting to discuss your research interests and explore opportunities to participate in research.  Or you can ask specific questions within the email itself.  Make sure to include a subject line, greeting, and signature on all emails to professors.


Frequently asked questions

  • I’m confused. Who do I contact for help with the database or getting involved in research?
    • For technical assistance, please email us at
    • If you would like assistance in choosing a faculty member, finding funding, or would like more general information about getting involved, you can request our assistance by one of the following methods:
      • email us at
      • call our office Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM at 578-8914
      • schedule an advising session with us on Navigate - search for "LSU Discover"
  • I am an undergraduate student interested in research. Do you contact the faculty for me?
    • No, LSU Discover does not contact the faculty for you. You, the student, must reach out to the faculty member yourself, but we can help  you with this process.
  • I don’t see any faculty mentors for my major – what do I do?
    • Any faculty member at LSU is a potential research mentor!  There are many faculty who serves as mentors but have not added their names to the database yet.  Students are encouraged to go to their department’s faculty webpage and read through the faculty information there.  Choose a faculty member who interests you and contact them.  If you would like more guidance on how to do this, please fill out the advising request form linked above and our staff can assist  you.
  • How much can I get paid per hour?
    • Not all faculty have funding to pay research students. Many students volunteer their time or do research for credit hours (ex: independent study). For those faculty who do have funding, the hourly rate will depend on your own experience and the faculty mentor’s budget.   The current minimum wage is $7.25/hour.
  • I have Work Study, President’s Student Aid, or the President’s Future Leader’s in Research scholarship.  Can I use my funding to work with a faculty mentor?
    • Yes!  When you contact a faculty mentor, let them know that you have this funding and they can use it to pay you for your time spent on the research project.  Faculty should speak to their departmental secretary or business coordinator to help them set this up.
  • How many hours per week will I have to work?
    • This will depend on the nature of the project, your experience, and your mentor. Each research experience is unique. The maximum number of hours students are allowed to work on campus is 20 hours per week (all on-campus jobs combined). Most mentors, however, do not require a set amount of hours, and many will be willing to work with you to decide on an appropriate weekly schedule.
  • What is the minimum GPA for participation?
    • There is no minimum GPA needed to use the mentor database. Be aware, however, that some faculty mentors will want to see a transcript. Some are looking to see that you have taken certain courses within your major, and others may want to see your grades. GPA and course requirements will vary from mentor to mentor so it is best to discuss this directly with a faculty mentor.