Getting Started

Academic accommodations are modifications or changes to limit the impact of a person's disability.


You are eligible for accommodations if you:

  • are qualified for the program(s)
  • are a person with a disability
  • have identified yourself to the university through Disability Services, and
  • have presented appropriate documentation regarding your disability to the university as required by Disability Services (see documentation guidelines) and require accommodations

To receive accommodations, you must submit a Student Application and provide documentation of your disability and how it impacts you. Once accommodations are determined, you must complete an Accommodation Request each semester.

You must provide instructors with notice of at least three business days before use of an accommodation.

Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities do not take effect until you have completed registration with Disability Services and have provided instructors with your Faculty Notification Letter. Disability Services cannot require instructors or anyone else to change a student's grades for assignments or exams given prior to the student notifying the instructor of an accommodation.

Documentation Information

Student Responsibility after Registration