Physical Education Alternative Certifications

Students who have obtained a bachelor's degree can also seek Alternative Certifications in Health and Physical Education through the School of Kinesiology.

These certifications offer a teaching certificate without needing to go through a teaching preparation program. Certifications can be done for both undergraduate and graduate credit.


An Alternative Certification allows students to receive a teaching certificate without having an undergraduate degree in Education.

Students with a Bachelor's degree can take additional classes as electives or use them toward a graduate degree, like a Master of Science in Kinesiology degree.

They will then need to student teach or go through an internship program, and lastly, pass the Praxis Tests.

Students must complete: 

  • 27-33 
    • 21 Hours of Coursework
    • Yearlong internship (6-12 credit hours)
  • 80 Contact Hours (completed during undergraduate coursework)
  • Pass Praxis Tests

For student teaching positions, 

  • Candidate is placed by LSU
  • Student must pass Praxis Tests
  • Positions are unpaid

Regarding internships, 

  • Internships are undertaken post-graduation
  • Praxis does not need to have been passed for three (3) years
  • Candidate finds employment to complete internship credit
  • Candidate is employed and paid by the district in which the intern

Undergraduate Graduate
KIN 4512 - Motor Development KIN 7520 - Motor Development

KIN 4520 - Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity

KIN 4520 - Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity
KIN 2512 - Classroom Management KIN 7515 - Achievement Motivation in PA
KIN 3609 - Health and Wellness Education KIN 7602 - SEM in PA
EDCI 3136 - Reading in Content Areas KIN 7514 - Pedagogy in PA
KIN 4511/4516 - Methods and Curriculum KIN 7502 - Curriculum Construction in PE
  KIN 4900 - Contact Hours and Lesson Planning

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