First-time Job Applicant Resources

Congratulations on preparing to submit your first job application! The templates on the following pages are designed to prepare a first-time applicant who may not have much paid work experience to include on a formal résumé.

First-time Applicant Résumé Template

You may be surprised to know that many of your involvement, volunteer, and leisure experiences have helped you develop transferrable career competencies. This résumé template helps you put your best foot forward while focusing on your non-paid and paid past experiences.

Download the Résumé Template

First-time Applicant Résumé Example

An example of a completed résumé using the template above.

Download an Example Résumé

First-time Applicant Interest Form for LSU Student Employment

Please Note: This Interest Form would only be accepted in place of a résumé when applying to LSU student employee positions. All external job applications will require a résumé.

While we encourage you to first try to create a résumé using the template above, you may prefer to submit a Student Employment Interest Form with your application in place of a résumé. This form has been prepared to support you as a first-time applicant. 

Download the Student Employment Interest Form