Why Work in College?

As a student employee at LSU you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable learning experiences to complement what you are learning in the classroom
  • Get paid for work that has a direct, positive impact on the LSU community
  • Make friends with coworkers and find mentorship from staff or faculty who supervise your work
  • Prepare for life after graduation by gaining work experience and career skills

Preparing for Your Career

Your student employment experience is an opportunity to build life-long career skills that will make you marketable to employers upon graduation.

We recommend these tips for making the most of student employment as a pathway to career:

 What Students Are Saying

"I learned the value of being self-sufficient, reliable, and trust-worthy. After a few weeks, my bosses knew I showed up on time everyday and saw how competent I was in the lab, so they allowed me to try experiments on my own and continued to teach me more advanced procedures. My experience over the summer propelled me ahead of all my classes, and I gained a plethora of experience in the professional realm." - Lab Assistant at LSU, Junior triple majoring in Music, Studio Art and French

"I loved the Residential Life community as well as the opportunity to grow a relationship with my residents and other students...Being an RA is the best job I have ever had." - Residential Assistant for LSU Residential Life, Senior majoring in Kinesiology

"This experience taught me a lot about the ins and outs of grad school and what working in a lab at a graduate level is like. I also learned about the process of creating a poster to present my research." - Chemical Engineering Researcher at LSU, Senior majoring in Chemical Engineering