Student Employment at LSU

Thousands of student employment opportunities await you at LSU! No matter your interests or experience, you are sure to find a work experience that helps you to:

  • Gain valuable learning experiences to complement what you are learning in the classroom
  • Get paid for work that has a direct, positive impact on the LSU community
  • Make friends with coworkers and find mentorship from staff or faculty who supervise your work
  • Prepare for life after graduation by gaining work experience and career skills

Whether this is your first job or just your first job at LSU, we welcome you to the Tiger team!

The LSU Olinde Career Center is here to support you throughout your career journey.

Pre-recorded Virtual Session on Student Employment and Related Financial Aid Awards

View the Student Employment & Financial Aid virtual session below to learn about job opportunities and the financial aid awards that can fund these opportunities. Financial aid awards are not required to apply for student employment at LSU. Many positions on campus are funded by the university, meaning any student can apply. Learn more below. 



Requirements for Student Employment at LSU

You do not need to be a financial aid or scholarship recipient in order to seek student employment at LSU.

Many positions on campus are funded by the university, meaning any student can apply.

Some positions on campus are directly funded by financial aid awards or scholarships (Federal Work-Study or President's Student Aid), and are therefore only open to students who have applied, been awarded, and accepted those awards or scholarships. If a position is only open to students with aid, that will be specifically noted in the job description for those positions. Learn more about financial aid and scholarships that fund student employment opportunities

Additional requirements regarding enrollment, grades, academic standing, etc. can be found in the LSU Policy Statement on Student Employment (PS33).

Some positions may have additional eligibility requirements such as required work hours, specific academic majors, or skills and experience. These requirements will be noted in the application process. 


How to Apply for Student Employment Positions


  • Most Fall semester jobs are posted in June and most Spring semester jobs are posted in November, but you are encouraged to check Handshake often for new positions as departments are able to post their jobs at any time.

  • New Students: Beginning June 15, incoming students for Fall can search and apply for job opportunities in Handshake, LSU's online career platform. You will receive an email from the LSU Olinde Career Center once you have been given access to Handshake, instructing you on next steps to apply. Incoming students for Spring will begin this process in November.

  • Continuing Students: Continuing students already have access to Handshake, LSU's online career platform, and can browse for jobs at any time. 

Application Materials

  • Application Materials: Begin to prepare your application materials now so that you are prepared to apply. A résumé is preferred when applying for student employment; view our résumé templates for first-time applicants here. While we encourage you to first try to create a résumé using the template above, you may prefer to submit a Student Employment Interest Form with your application in place of a résumé. 

Searching for Jobs and Applying

 View FAQs on Student Employment or contact