Resources for Student Employees

Basic expectations of student employees

Student Employment is a great opportunity for you to hone in your skills in professionalism and to demonstrate your work ethic by making a positive impact on your office. Supervisors also make great references for future jobs, so be sure to do your best.

  • Stick to your work schedule as established by your supervisor
  • You should never be in working status during one of your academic scheduled courses
  • Report to work on-time
  • Accurately report your time
  • Follow any office or departmental policies
  • Notify a supervisor as soon as possible if you are unable to work or are running late
  • Be honest and open with your supervisor if you need to cut down your hours or take off
  • Complete your mandatory state trainings each year: Mandatory Trainings

Before Your First Day

  • Confirm your start date and time with your supervisor
  • Double-check that you are not scheduled to work during any of your academic courses
  • Be sure to check workday for necessary on-boarding steps as part of the hire process
  • Compile documents needed for your I9 verification that will take place on your first few days in the office. As part of the hire process you will be required to prove your identity and ability to work in the United States. This is done by providing your place of employment with official documents. Copies cannot be accepted. View a list of acceptable documents.

On Your First Day

  • You will need to provide your official documents (no copies) as part of the I9 verification process.
  • Expect to go over office policies
  • Ask questions! Your supervisor will appreciate that you want to do a good job by asking questions to ensure you know exactly what is expected of you. Also make yourself aware of other staff members, office services, and anything else that could help you in your job. 

Payroll Fraud

  • Payroll Fraud is any act of purposeful deceit against the payroll system. For example
    • Reporting hours on your time sheet as worked hours that you did not work
    • Staying late or clocking in early from a scheduled shift, without supervisor approval
  • According to PS-33: Students who commit payroll fraud will be terminated immediately and will not be allowed to hold future student employment positions with the University, including graduate assistantships. Policies regarding graduate assistantships are found in PS-21 (Graduate Assistantships). State law requires that any misappropriation of funds must be reported to the District Attorney and the Legislative Auditor. In addition, the payroll fraud will be reported to Campus Police and the Dean of Students office. 

Student Employment Grievance Procedure

A student employee who is seeking a solution concerning issues arising from working conditions, employment practices, and interpretation of policy and/or procedure may file a grievance following the Student Employment Grievance Procedure.

Download the Student Employment Grievance Procedure.

Employees who feel they are being discriminated against because of race, color, sex, ethnic origin, religion, age, creed, marital status, veteran’s status, disability or sexual orientation also have a right to file a complaint in accordance with Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity (PS-1) or Sexual Harassment (PS-95) or any other applicable policy.