Financial Aid and Scholarships that Fund Work Opportunities

Student employment positions at LSU may be funded in a variety of ways. 

You do not need to be a financial aid or scholarship recipient in order to seek student employment at LSU.

Many positions on campus are funded by the university, meaning any student can apply.

Some positions on campus are directly funded by financial aid awards or scholarships (Federal Work-study or President's Student Aid), and are therefore only open to students who have applied, been awarded, and accepted those awards or scholarships. If a position is only open to students with aid, that will be specifically noted in the job description for those positions. In this case, an employer may ask you to upload verification of your Work-Study or President's Student Aid. View this help article for how to upload verification of Work-Study or President's Aid to your job application in Handshake.

Learn more about the types of financial aid and scholarships that fund work opportunities for students:

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program allows undergraduate students who show financial need to earn money to assist with their educational expenses.

After applying for, receiving, and accepting this award, you would then apply for student employment jobs. If you are awarded Federal Work-Study and do not begin working in a Federal Work-Study funded position by the second month of school your Federal Work-Study may be canceled.

Work-Study is usually $3,000 for fall/spring or $3,600 for summer/fall/spring but it can vary according to your need-based eligibility. This is determined through the FAFSA and whatever aid you may already have (grants, scholarships, etc.) 

Learn more about Federal Work-Study, including how to apply

President's Student Aid Program

The President's Student Aid Program is an LSU funded work program awarded with certain freshman scholarships that offers students an opportunity to earn money while in school.

After receiving this award, you would then apply for student employment jobs. If you secure a job that can be funded by President's Student Aid, you will be paid from your President's Student Aid award amount. If you are awarded President's Student Aid and do not begin working in a President's Student Aid funded position, the funds will not be used. Your yearly allocation begins again in the following fall semester with your President’s Student Aid award.

Students participating in this program can earn up to approximately $1,500 for fall/spring as payment for their work in a student employment position.

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