Parent & Family Programs Monthly Updates

Below are LSU Olinde Career Center excerpts from the monthly Parent & Family Programs Newsletter.

March 2023 

The Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) program is in full-swing! The program aims to recognize student employees who go above and beyond in their department. Student Employee Appreciation Week is April 10-14. 

We want to hear from YOU – were you a student employee on campus during your undergraduate years? If so, email and let us know what position you held, on what campus and how your experience as a student worker benefited your career journey. We want to show students that working on campus is a valuable experience to take with them after graduation. If your student is currently a student worker - what benefits have you seen from their experience working on campus. Whatever you want to share about student employment, we are all ears! 

Additionally, we have Career Fairs and events at the end of this month. If your student has expressed interest in the following fields have them check out these events: 

Kinesiology Career Fair: Thursday, March 30 from 1 – 4 p.m. in the LSU Student Union Ballroom. Students interested in a career in the Kinesiology industry connect with employers and schools looking to hire for full-time, internship and graduate school opportunities. 

School Professionals’ Networking Day: Friday, March 31 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. in the LSU Student Union Ballroom. Students looking for opportunity in the education industry are invited to network with professionals hiring for full-time and internship positions. 

Has your Tiger found the perfect opportunity? The campus-wide Lagniappe Internship Fund aims to reduce financial barriers LSU students may face when presented with out of state or unpaid internships. No student should pass up a career opportunity because of living expenses, travel, or unpaid opportunities. 

Students have one remaining opportunity to apply for Phase 3 of the Lagniappe scholarship. Applicants upload a copy of your internship offer letter, complete a budget worksheet, and describe how the internship will impact your career goals. The application deadline for Phase 3 is April 7, 2023. 

The Career Center is here to get your student career-ready. Talk to them about scheduling an appointment with a Career Coach or stopping by for a drop-in. 

Geaux Tigers!

LSU Olinde Career Center 

Past Entries

The Spring semester is here and with it comes opportunities for your student to reach their full career potential. Along with our recruiting events, we are also providing a full menu of career services. Urge your student to meet with their career coach, attend a group appointment, take a free professional headshot or stop by for a drop-in appointment at any time. We can assist with things from resume building to career and major exploration. 

Make sure your student is aware of these upcoming Spring events: 

Engineering Networking Reception | February 6
Career Expo | February 7 - Our largest recruiting event of the semester! 
Business Networking Reception | March 1
Diversity & Inclusion Networking Event | March 2
Advertising & Communications Networking Fair | March 7
Art & Design Career Networking Day | March 9
Construction Interviewing Day | March 24
Kinesiology Career Fair | March 30
School Professionals Networking Day | March 31
Opportunity Knocks Career Fair | April 12

We are excited to welcome your students back to campus with these exciting events and programs! Best of luck to you and your families in the New Year.

Geaux Tigers!

LSU Olinde Career Center 

Happy Holidays from the Olinde Career Center! We may be finished with recruiting events for this semester, but we are still offering a full menu of career resources.

Finals are here and the Olinde Career Center is opening its doors to provide quiet study space for students. From November 30 through December 9, your student can book a private study room on the second floor of the Career Center.

With the Spring semester right around the corner, make sure your student is aware of these upcoming Spring events: 

  • Engineering Networking Reception | February 6
  • Career Expo | February 7
  • Business Networking Reception | March 1
  • Diversity & Inclusion Networking Event | March 2
  • Advertising & Communications Networking Fair | March 7
  • Art & Design Career Networking Day | March 9
  • Construction Interviewing Day | March 24
  • Kinesiology Career Fair | March 30
  • School Professionals Networking Day | March 31
  • Opportunity Knocks Career Fair | April 12

Lastly, we are looking for mentors to join our First-Gen Career Mentor Program. Research shows that many first-gen students may lack the professional network and mentors that could assist them in their academic and professional pursuits. This program creates meaningful, career-focused relationships that help students reach their career potential, by pairing first-gen LSU students (mentees) with first-gen professionals (mentors).

If your student is a First-Gen Tiger or if you were the First to Roar in your family consider joining us for the First-Gen Career Mentor Program. 

We at the LSU Olinde Career Center wish you and your family a happy and safe Holiday season!  


As the semester starts to wind down, November is a great time to reflect on the experiences your student had this fall. Encourage them to write follow-up notes with this helpful template. 

We hosted several career recruiting and networking events where students had the opportunity to get face-to-face with employers. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this is a great opportunity for your student to practice drafting follow-up and thank you notes. Encourage your student to reach out to contacts that made an impression on them. Especially if your student scored an interview with a particular company or program. 

Use this template to draft a simple thank you email. 

Hi, (recruiter/ interviewer name), 

Thank you for meeting with me at (career event name. If following-up with an interview thank them for their time). It was a pleasure getting to connect with you and learn more about opportunities with (company name). I look forward to staying connected (if following-up with an interview use this opportunity to express your curiosity about next steps in the hiring process). 

Feel free to let your personality come through while also remaining professional. If your student inquired about a particular position or opportunity be sure to mention that in your thank you letter. 

Upcoming opportunities: 

First-gen Career Mentor Program - Were you the first in your family to attend college? Is your student a first generation Tiger? The First-Gen Career Mentor Program pairs first-gen LSU students (mentees) with first-gen professionals (mentors). Together, they can create meaningful, career-focused relationships that assist students in reaching their career potential. You can find more information on the program and apply to be a mentor here. 

Our team at the Olinde Career Center wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving! 

Resumes can be spooky! The Olinde Career Center has some scary-good tips to get your student career-ready. 

Maybe it's been a while since you have had to write a resume, or maybe you helped your student draft theirs. Regardless, we have the tips and tricks to help your Tiger’s resume shine. Our daily group appointments cover a range of topics from resume building to major exploration. If your student desires a more detailed appointment, encourage them to schedule a one-on-one with our skilled career coaches. You can find more information on appointments by visiting our appointments page.

Remind your student about upcoming career events:

Health Professions Fair- October 4

LSU Student Union Ballroom | 10am - 2pm
Medical, dental and other professional programs from Louisiana and across the country, plus several baccalaureate programs, attend this annual event.

Construction Interviewing Day- October 7

LSU Student Union Ballroom | 8:30am - 4:30pm
Employers recruit students in Construction Management and Civil and Industrial Engineering for full-time, part-time, internship and co-op positions. Participating organizations will choose which students and alumni to interview from among those who submit resumes for consideration.
NOTE: There are strict deadlines associated with attending this event: If your student has not completed necessary steps in registering for CID, they cannot participate in pre-scheduled interviews. However, any student that missed registration is welcome at the networking hour from 8:30 - 9:30am in the Student Union Ballroom. 

Learn more about upcoming recruiting and career events

Fall Break: 

October 13-14
Encourage your student to unwind and destress at the halfway point of the semester. Mental wellbeing plays a big part in student success in the classroom and in career development. 
We hope students and parents alike have a wonderful October and as always, 

Geaux Tigers! 

September is a busy month at LSU! While your student is getting into the swing of classes and life on campus, we are staying busy with recruiting events, programs and student appointments. We design these programs to give students an opportunity to connect with employers, and set themselves up for success.

Be sure your student knows about these upcoming recruiting fairs: 

Engineering Networking Reception- September 12

  • Night before Career Expo in Patrick F. Taylor Hall
  • Networking reception for students and alumni to connect with employers in a closer setting than Career Expo provides.
  • Students and alumni interested in careers in STEM-related industries will attend this event.

Career Expo- September 13

  • Pete Maravich Assembly Center
  • Our largest recruiting event of the year! Connect with over 200 employers from across the country to form valuable career connections.

Business Networking Reception- September 27

  • Business Education Complex
  • Opportunity for students to connect with employers in a closer setting, and continue conversations from Career Expo.
  • Students interested in careers in business-related industries will attend this event.

Virtual Biotech Networking Event- September 29

  • Allows LSU students to network with local and nationwide employers recruiting for a variety of internship and full-time positions within the medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and related biotech industries.
  • This is a virtual event accessed via the Handshake event page

Click here to learn more about upcoming recruiting and career events

We are happy to help your tiger get career ready with Prep Events, 1:1 appointments with career coaches and daily Group Appointments. More information is available on our appointments page. 

As much as we try to set our Tigers up for success, they may struggle finding their path. If your student expresses a desire to change majors, point them in our direction. We have valuable resources and assessments tailored to exploring different interests and majors. From orientation to graduation and beyond, the Career Center has you covered!

Take full advantage of this exciting time with your student! Staring or returning to college can be fun and exciting, but also a bit intimidating. Parents can start the conversation now by asking important questions about major and career exploration. 

Whether your Tiger is returning to campus for their senior year, or starting out as a freshman, the Olinde Career Center is here to help!

The On-Campus Job Fair is August 17 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

On-campus employment is a great way for students to meet new people, gain valuable experiences and learn money management skills. For incoming freshmen this event will take place as a part of Welcome Week, but the fair is open to all LSU students.

Learn more about student employment opportunities here.

Committed to your student’s success, The Olinde Career Center is here to help. 

Wondering what your Tiger can be doing this summer to help with their career? We got you. 

Is your student questioning their major or career direction?

Career Coaching and Assessments

Encourage your student to schedule a career coaching appointment or take one of our free, online major/career assessments!

  • Career Coaching appointments can cover a variety of career-related topics including major or career decision making, job search support, career coaching, and more.
  • The Focus 2 Assessment explores your interests as they relate to majors and careers.
  • The TypeFocus Career Assessment explores your personality as it relates to majors and careers. 

Is your student looking for summer opportunities or preparing for full-time employment?

Summer Jobs and Internships

Students can explore summer jobs and internships that can turn this summer into a great career experience. Jobs and internships can be found in Handshake and staff are also able to help students find opportunities to expand their skills related to career goals. If a summer job internship is not in the cards for your student, encourage them to consider these alternatives to internships.

Graduating Students

Job search resources and appointments with our staff can help students with job search strategy, resume development, interview prep as well as with graduate or professional school assistance. 

The end of the semester is a great time to encourage your Tiger to look for internships and jobs.

Since course selection can often bring questions about major and career decisions, recommend that your Tiger schedule an appointment with our team, or review these resources:

Job Seekers: Employers are hiring now for opportunities beginning in summer and fall; there are over 15,000 jobs posted in Handshake right now. Suggest that your student get their resume up-to-date in preparation for May graduation, a summer job or internship search.

Major and Career Decision Making: Encourage your student to schedule a major and career decision-making appointment with our team, and to review these major and career decision resources.

Graduate School Planning: Similar to job searching, students interested in attending a graduate program must adhere to existing application timelines. View our resources on deciding on a graduate school, preparing application materials, and more.

Group Appointments: Students can attend one of our daily group appointments that cover topics including job search, major & career exploration, resumes, networking & interviewing, finances, and grad school & post grad. Students can also schedule appointments with our team in Handshake or by calling our front desk at 225-578-2162 on weekdays from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

With course scheduling for Fall just around the corner, it's a great time to ask your Tiger: 

  • Are they doing well in their major and enjoying what they are learning?
  • Does this major still seem like a good fit? 
  • Are they exploring career options for their major?
  • Have they considered a summer experience to learn more about their intended career?

Encourage your student to take the next step: 

Upcoming Events: 

Students can explore a variety of upcoming career events and research companies they want to network with prior to the events in their Handshake account under the Events tab. All of the events listed below are open to students of all majors to explore careers and to make connections with employers. 

Now is a great time to be thinking about that summer job, internship or full-time position after graduation. 

There are a variety of career events just around the corner to help your student explore careers, prepare for the job search and connect with potential employers!

Dress the Part, with a Discount!

Students can attend SuitUp with JCPenney for discounts on professional attire.

Upcoming Events: 

Students can explore a variety of upcoming career events and research companies they want to network with prior to the events in their Handshake account under the Events tab. All of the events listed below are open to students of all majors to explore careers and to make connections with employers.

The new year and semester offer fresh opportunities to move toward a successful and fulfilling career!

Taking these simple steps can help your student move forward:

We wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2022!

With the semester break drawing near, now is the time to reconnect, refresh and revitalize (or reboot)!

Reconnect: Reconnecting with each other might include conversations about their Fall semester: their experiences, their classes and their plans for the Spring semester. Your student may need an extra dose of support and encouragement.

Refresh: Your student likely needs time to rest and restore mentally and physically. We all need a break from the daily concerns. Encourage each other to find healthy, fun ways to restore your mental, physical and emotional energy.

Revitalize (or Reboot): As you and your student reconnect and refresh, this can help your student revitalize their college and career plan. Semester break offers a fresh start and is a great time to prepare for the Spring semester.

  • If your student is still unsure of their major or career path, our 5 Steps to Discovering Your Major and Career is a simple self-guided way to get started. Additional great career decision-making resources can be found in our Explore Your Passions portal.
  • Your student might be looking for employment during the Spring semester or an internship in the Summer. Handshake offers connection with job postings and career events.
  • Our Job Search resources can help build your student’s readiness for the search.
  • The Student Career Guide is a comprehensive, rich resource for the career journey, wherever your student may be.

November is National Career Development Month!

It's a great time to find ways to help your student gain information and experiences that empower them in the development of their career. Here are some ways you can encourage your student to reach out to our team for career development this month:

Understanding Career Decisions: We offer a number of major and career decision making resources through our Explore Your Passions portal. Career assessments are a great place to start.
Experience: College courses, student organizations, part-time work and summer internships will help your student gain knowledge about themselves and about their career field of interest. Your student can search for opportunities through their LSU Handshake account.
Communication: Our Job Search resources coach toward strong communication through resumes, cover letters and interviews.
Career Competencies: Your student's time in college offers a variety of opportunities to develop the career skills employers are looking for. Encourage them to identify how they can continue to grow in these 8 competencies identified as desirable by employers

Career development is a life-long process. Our team are here to support your student’s career journey!

Here are some guidelines for your student to Check Out and Check Off for career success:

  • Major and Career Decisions - Course scheduling will begin this month, your student will want to ensure that they are pursuing their best major as they move forward in their studies.
    • Currently, all of our career assessments are free of charge! If your student is undecided about or struggling in a major, now is the time to take action.
    • For an interactive workshop on major and careers, encourage your student to attend one of our upcoming Major Mining Workshops.
    • Our 5 Step Guide and our Exploring Majors and Career appointments are other great ways to gain additional insights for these decisions.
  • Gain Experience - October is a good time to explore and apply for internships. Many Summer internships are scooped up in October and November. Several career networking and recruiting events are happening in October to connect your student to employers who are hiring 
  • Develop a strategy - Students planning to graduate in December or May will want to be taking steps forward on the job search path. We offer resources, workshops and appointments to help with a job search strategy, resume development and interview preparation. 
  • Prepare for Graduate or Professional School - We offer web resources and our Workshops to Geaux series. Your student can log in to Handshake to view these events. 

Our team is excited to engage your student through programming, events and appointments this semester.

We've got many exciting career-related activities and services to offer this Fall. Here are just a few: 

  • Career Expo: This 2-day event is a great opportunity for students to explore careers, practice networking with employers, and secure internships and job opportunities for the upcoming year. We are also hosting a handful of events to help your student prepare.
  • If your student needs to upgrade their professional wardrobe, check out the SuitUp event with JCPenney for exclusive in-store and online discounts for LSU students. 
  • 10-minute Drop-in Appointments for general questions and resume reviews -- Mon-Fri, 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. in 158 LSU Student Union. 
  • Individual Career Appointments: Students can schedule an individual appointment with a career professional on choosing a major, taking career assessments, finding an internship or part-time job, perfecting their resume or interview skills, or simply polishing their job search skills.
  • The Four-Year Career Plan is always accessible to students. Those who accomplish the recommended items each year confirm that they are heading in the right direction, immerse themselves in exploring career options and transition seamlessly from college to career success. Check it out!
  • Handshake: Students seeking internships, part-time, or full-time jobs should login to our online career platform, Handshake.

Encourage your student to check out the resources and services on the LSU Olinde Career Center website or by visiting 158 LSU Student Union.

Office hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact us at 225-578-2162 or

A Crash Course in Student Career Development for Parents and Families:

Are you wondering if your student is on the right career track?  Wondering if you should intervene or what kind of advice to give your student?  Here are some excellent resources to help.

We also have some tips to help your student prepare for and begin a successful year at LSU: 

  • Ask your student how they are feeling about starting or returning to school. Check in with them about their college major. Are they considering how they will use their learning in a related career?
  • Did they check out our website to see our wide range of resources from Major and Career Decision-Making (including 5 Steps to Discovering Your Career Assessments) to Preparing for the Search to our Virtual Career Support?
  • Has your student set up their Handshake account - to ensure that they keep up with all the career events and to make an appointment to meet with our career staff?
  • Is your students career ready? Students at all academic levels are can prepare themselves for the workforce by enhancing their Career Readiness Competencies. See these videos to learn more

The encouragement you give your student will help them take their next steps in their career journey!

Our team is offering appointments Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may also reach us by email at