Career Decision Making

Students are often overwhelmed by the idea of choosing a career path.

The task of selecting one occupation from thousands of choices seem daunting. Yet, the career decision making process can be broken down into interesting, rewarding and manageable steps.

Encourage them to seek answers to a few key questions.

Self-evaluation is a key component of early career planning: students must be keenly aware of their skills, interests, work values and personality preferences to identify careers for which they are well-suited. We offer several career assessments that evaluate these four areas.

Gathering occupational information is also key to making sound career decisions. Your student should make an effort to truly learn about the occupations he or she is considering.

These are just a few of the necessary steps that will help your student make the right career choices. Encourage your student to schedule an individual appointment with a Career Decision Making career counselor in our office. These one-on-one meetings allow students to gain personalized guidance that can help them make important career decisions early.