Partner with the LSU Olinde Career Center

The LSU Olinde Career Center exists to bridge the gap between employer and student; preparing graduates to be the next generation of workforce leaders, and understanding a company’s unique hiring needs and while bringing them that much closer to their next great LSU employee. 

Employer Partner Impact

Employer partnerships with the LSU Olinde Career Center help to maintain momentum for initiatives that respond to the evolving needs of students, employers, and our shared world. 

These partnerships allow the LSU Olinde Career Center to:

  • Position our students and corporate partners for access and continued success
  • Champion career-readiness competencies
  • Leverage pioneering technology
  • Integrate career and academic experiences
  • Tailor services and establish early interventions

Employers are invited to partner with our office through strategic recruitment efforts, the annual Corporate Partner Program, and the Career Center Partner Program. Learn more about each of these initiatives below.

Recruiting Partnerships

On-campus events, interviews, job postings, and programming provide you with the opportunity to partner with us, in turn providing valuable opportunities to the over 31,000 students we serve.

Hire a Tiger

Annual Partnerships

Corporate Partner investments provide flexibility to respond to the evolving needs of students and employers, in turn improving the quality and strength of the workforce for many years to come. 

Corporate Partner Program

Strategic Partnerships

Career Center Partner employers make transformational investments, allowing the LSU Olinde Career Center to blaze trails and push boundaries in the name of career development and the global workforce. 

Career Center Partner Program