Staff Recruiting and Retention

The Staff Recruitment and Retention committee is committed to the advancement of Classified Staff through technology, computer usage, literacy training, and assistance with developing core skills. Plans have been developed for two new programs for new employees, one for mentoring and one for coaching.

The Staff Recruitment and Retention committee has developed a resource that provides diversity facts, data, and salary information relevant to prospective and current employees and the diversity percentages of Units, Divisions, Colleges, Academic Affairs, and the Office of the President. Salary disparities have been analyzed, with inequities for any diverse or underrepresented faculty adjusted by 10% each year until equity is achieved.

An LSU Cares page specifically designed with the needs of faculty and staff is live on the Human Resource Management site, outlining how employee relation issues and salary disparity concerns can be handled and where to find resources for faculty and staff, including information on the Employee Assistance Program.

Committee Members

  • Clay Jones (Co-Chair)
  • Monique Cain (Co-Chair)
  • Ashley Territo
  • Funmilayo Adedeji
  • Melissa Crawford
  • Rachel Henry
  • Shea Ferguson
  • Dan Gaston
  • Wes Heath
  • Ally Kristan
  • Jonathan Levesque
  • Brandon Smith
  • Todd Queen
  • Carol Thomas
  • Clovier Torry
  • Stanley Wilder
  • Tyrslai Williams-Carter
  • Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy