To ensure that public and internal messaging reflects inclusive excellence as a university priority, the communications subcommittee has created an advising team of subject matter experts and students from diverse backgrounds and identities to provide perspective on creating inclusive messaging as a university.

Because writing inclusively and without bias is the new standard, the communications subcommittee has also created an Inclusive Communications Toolkit to help campus communicators reduce bias around topics such as gender, age, disability, racial and ethnic identity, and sexual orientation, as well as being sensitive to labels and describing individuals at the appropriate level of specificity. Include in campus content calendars the progress being made in diversity and inclusion programming.

A central email channel has been opened where content can be submitted to highlight and celebrate the success, scholarship, and diversity among LSU students, faculty, and staff.

Faculty and staff members have been identified as diversity, equity, and inclusion subject matter experts who can speak more holistically to the concepts and impacts of inclusion and aligning it to elements of public and media communication.

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Committee Members

  • Chair: Verge Ausberry
  • John Borne
  • Justin Franklin
  • Josh Grimm
  • Rodney Goldsmith
  • Erica Hawthorne
  • Emmy Hicks
  • Melissa Mapson
  • John Miles
  • Jim Sabourin
  • Amber Salvadras
  • Steve Sanoski
  • David Stamps
  • Akiya Thymes
  • Donna Torres
  • Chris Trahan