About Us

We are here to support your success and personal development as members of the LSU community by promoting academic integrity and appropriate standards of conduct through the Code of Student Conduct. With the LSU Commitment to Community as a guiding principle, our belief is that students should not only accomplish academic goals, but also to do so in a healthy and encouraging environment which fosters personal growth and development.

SAA Mission

To advocate, engage, and support student commitment to the LSU community.  We enhance learning through educational interventions that foster student development.

SAA Vision

Cultivate the student learning experience to encompass the highest standards of academic and personal conduct consistent with the LSU Commitment to Community.

SAA Values

  • Accountability – Promote academic integrity and appropriate standards of behavior through the LSU Code of Student Conduct.
  • Advocacy – Communicating, assessing, referring, and educating to encourage student persistence.
  • Community – Commit to working with diverse populations while promoting the interests of all individuals.
  • Equality – Cultivate mutual respect, openness, and truthfulness while balancing the needs of those affected by our actions, and abide by the standards of our community.
  • Safety – Collaborate with campus partners to bolster a protected and secure learning environment.