Research & Creative Activity Support Fund

The Provost’s Fund for Innovation in Research has established the Research & Creative Activity Support Fund for faculty in Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science disciplines to engage in scholarly research and creative activities. 

2024 Spring Awards 

Applicant First Name Applicant Last Name College Department Research Project
Chunmin Lang COA Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising The Meaning of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions of Clothing: Developing Analytical and Context-related Skills for Sustainability Education
Soo Jeong Jo COAD Architecture Environmental Performance of 3D-Printed Building Envelope Systems
Erin Todd CHSE School of Leadership & Human Resource Development Redefining Creative Spaces: Feedback Efficacy in Remote versus In-Person Work Environments
Ryan  Hulteen CHSE Kinesiology Feasibility of the Women Exercising, Active, and Learning Together for Health (WEALTH) Trial
Yufeng Qian CHSE Education Building a Pedagogical Framework for Teacher-AI Collaboration: A Monograph on Teacher/AI Questioning Strategies for Digital Adaptive Learning
Yejun Wu CHSE School of Information Studies Organizing Digital Political Cartoons by American and World History
Hyunsu Oh CHSS Sociology Tourism, Gentrification, Crime Incident and Prevention in New Orleans, Louisiana 
Anthony Kelley CHSS Philosophy Welfare Subjectivity
Lauren Griffin CHSS Religious Studies  Catholicism, Nationalism, and the Production of Tradition in an Age of Digital Hyperconnectivity
Gundela Hachmann CHSS World Languages, Literatures & Cultures The Arts and the Social: 100 Years of Arguments For Literature, Film, Music, and Art
Deborah Goldgaber CHSS Philosophy The Power to Punish and the Limits of Retributivism
Gang Zhou CHSS World Languages, Literatures & Cultures Multiple Renaissances
Joseph Kronick CHSS English The Lives of the Philosophers: Singularity and Life
Sonya Cooke CMDA Theatre Seven Pillars Acting: In Action Book


2023 Fall Awards 

Applicant First Name Applicant Last Name College Department Research Project
Nicholas Erickson CMDA Theatre Truncated Icosahedron Performance
Jaclyn Hadfield CHSE Kinesiology An Exploration into Adult Women’s Relationship with Exercise and Fit Ideal Body Image Beliefs Mediated by Sociocultural Factors: a US/Italy Cross-cultural Comparison
Molly Redfield CMDA Music The Celebration of Women in Jazz Concert
Danbi Choe CHSS Psychology Unmasking Racial Battle Fatigue: Strategies to Support School Mental Health Professional of Color
Richie Roberts COA Agricultural & Extension Education The Displacement of Agrarian Life: Supporting Russo-Ukrainian War Refugees through Agricultural Education, Extension, and Global Engagement
Farzaneh Oghazian COAD Architecture 3D Printing on Tensioned Knit Textiles:  Crafting Facades for Advanced Daylight Control
Michael Mamp COA LSU Textile & Costume Museum Coming Home: Geoffrey Beene; exhibition staged by the LSU Textile & Costume Museum
Oliver Crocco CHSE School of Leadership & Human Resource Development Supporting Coastal Community Resilience through Leadership Development and Training in Thailand
Loren Schwerd COAD Sculpture Installation for Fierce Planets