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About LSU & Baton Rouge


LSU is located on more than 1,000 acres in the southern part of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, near the Mississippi River. The campus is known for the roughly 1,200 large oak trees that surround and shade the university, with "Stately oaks and broad magnolias" being the catchphrase description of the university. LSU is also distinguished by the five historic and beautiful lakes that surround the area, referred to as the "LSU lakes." The campus is also home to two mounds created by Native Americans over 5,000 years ago, located near the northwest corner of campus.

The trademark architecture of the university is characterized by the tan stucco walls, red tile rooftops, and arches. LSU is covered in beautiful landscaping, with crepe myrtles, azaleas, camellias, and the famous oak and magnolia trees providing both shade throughout the campus and a beautiful environment for students. 

Academic Notes

The university is strong in biological sciences, chemistry, civil and environmental engineering, English, French studies, history, mass communication, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and physics. Unique offerings reflecting the geography of Louisiana include coastal studies and ecology. The LSU Library contains special collections in natural history, military history, dialects of French, economics, Louisiana history, and American history.

At the graduate level, LSU is strong in engineering, agriculture, history, and library science.

Special Academic Conditions

  • LSU cannot guarantee enrollment in any class. Undergraduates may not take graduate courses (numbered 5000 and above).
  • The Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, MBA, Medical Physics/Health Physics, and Law are closed to exchange students.
  • Upper-level courses in computer science, mass communications, business, and engineering are very competitive and difficult to obtain a seat in. In order to register for classes in computer science, mass communications, sciences, or mathematics, students must be declared majors in the field and provide descriptions of courses taken (preferably in English) that satisfy the pre-requisites listed for each class in the LSU online catalog.

About Baton Rouge
View of Baton Rouge skyline

Baton Rouge, the state capital of Louisiana, is situated on the Mississippi River. Baton Rouge is well known for its interesting heritage and mix of cultures and its lively music. Students account for around 20% of the population, as Baton Rouge is home to not only LSU but also three other colleges.

The city is a major industrial, petrochemical, and medical research center and is the second largest city in Louisiana. Although Baton Rouge is an industrial city, there is also a lively music and arts community, mostly located in the downtown area, near LSU. New Orleans, with its distinctive architecture and music, is located 90 miles to the southeast and is about an hour away via motor transportation. University sports also play a major role in the culture of Baton Rouge, with college football being the most popular. As it is home to several cultures, industries, universities, a growing arts and music scene, and prized sports teams, Baton Rouge is a lively city with something to offer everyone.