Fall 2021 Course Offerings

Communication Studies and Disorders

COMD 2050–Intro to Language

Section 1: 12:00-1:20 TTh; 220 Coates

Section 2: 1:30-2:50 TTh; 220 Coates

Also offered as LING 2050. Linguistic study of the principal interrelated levels of language structure: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics; related topics such as writing systems and dialects. 

COMD 3150–Phonetics

10:30-11:20 MWF; 152 Coates; T. Gibson

Also offered as LING 3150. Principles of phonemics; articulatory phonetics; description and classification of sounds; transcription at different levels of detail; production and perception.

COMD 4153–Acoustics of Speech and Hearing

10:30-11:50 TTh, 116 Stubbs; 3:30-5:20 M, 212 Coates; H. Chung

Also offered as LING 4153. Prereq.: COMD 2050 or equivalent. 3 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. Production, transmission and perception of speech acoustics in communication; acoustic phonetics and psycho-acoustics.

COMD 7750–Special Topics in Linguistics

4:30-7:20 W; 47 Hatcher; S. Duncan

Also offered as LING 7750. May be taken two times for credit for the master’s degree and four times for the doctorate when topics vary. Topics to be announced.


ENGL 2716–Language Diversity, Society, & Power

10:30-11:20; 127 Coates; I. Shport

This is a General Education course. Also offered as LING 2716. Social construction of language ideologies and issues of power as they relate to language variation and use. Examination of why language variation exists and how dialect intersects with race, gender, and social class, with particular focus on political and social identities. Discussion focus on how dialects and “Standard English” contribute to persistent economic and civic inequalities in contemporary American society. 

ENGL 3716–Dialects of English

10:30-11:50 TTh; 131 Allen; A. Camp

Also offered as LING 3716. Regional and/or social variation in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

ENGL 4710–Introduction to Linguistics

12:30-1:20 MWF; 269 Woodin; I. Shport

Also offered as LING 4710. Introduction to the major fields of linguistic study: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics.

Foreign Languages and Literatures

SPAN 4005–Structure of the Spanish Language

3:30-4:20 TTh; 269 Woodin

Also offered as LING 4005. Prereq.: SPAN 3010 or equivalent. Spanish morphology and syntax; structuralist, sociolinguistic and generative-transformational analyses and applications.

SPAN 4602–Spanish Phonetics

1:30-2:50 TTh; 112 Prescott; J. King

Also offered as LING 4602. Spanish phonetic systems; corrective and fluency drills in the language laboratory; problems of teaching Spanish pronunciation to English-speaking students.

French Studies

FREN 3080–French Culture and Civilization

12:00-1:20 TTh; 111 Coates; F. Anselmo

Also offered as LING 3080. Prereq.: FREN 2155; credit or registration in FREN 3060 or equivalent or permission of instructor. Various aspects of French culture and civilization; emphasis on those factors necessary for understanding contemporary France and the Francophone world.

FREN 4014–Introduction to French Linguistics

1:30-2:50 TTh; 434 Hodges

Also offered as LING 4014. French phonology, morphology and syntax.

Geography and Anthropology

ANTH 4004–The North American Indians

2:30-3:50 MW; 27 Allen; M. Brody

Also offered as LING 4004. Origin, distribution, language and culture of the aboriginal population.

ANTH 4060–Language and Culture

11:30-12:20 MWF; E131 Howe Russell; M. Brody

Also offered as LING 4060. Prereq.: ANTH 3060 or COMD 2050 or equivalent. Relationships between various aspects of language and culture.

Philosophy and Religious Studies

PHIL 2010–Symbolic Logic I

12:00-1:20 TTh; 132 Lockett; J. Roland

This is a General Education course. Also offered as LING 2010. Classical propositional and first-order predicate logic; syntax and semantics of formal languages; translation between formal languages and English; formal methods of proof.