Power-Based Violence Prevention Training

On October 1st, the university rolled out a new Power-Based Violence Prevention & Response Training. This replaces the former Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training for LSU Employees and must be completed by Dec. 31, 2021. If you already have completed the Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training for 2021 and have your certificate, you do not need to take this course, but you must complete the Mandatory Reporting mini-course which presents current information about employee legal responsibilities.

Power-based violence and other forms of sex- and gender-based harassment and discrimination are problems that permeate our society. These acts of sexual misconduct do irreparable harm to individual survivors and to the culture of our community.

As an institution of higher education, we understand that knowledge is key to changing behavior. This two-hour course is designed to give you information about power-based violence and its impact on survivors, and ensure you understand your responsibilities while in the workplace. For convenience, there are five modules that can be done in one sitting or over multiple sessions.

This course is one of the three mandatory trainings that LSU requires each employee complete by December 31 (the other two trainings include the Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics training and the Digital Resource and Content Accessibility training). To access the trainings and additional information, visit the Mandatory Employee Training page. For any questions about these trainings, please contact hrmtraining@lsu.edu. Please also visit the LSU Office of Civil Rights for related information.