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An accident that ends in death or disabling injury has a devastating effect on the lives of your loved ones. The loss of a family wage earner puts strain on a family and raises concerns as to how they will manage financially. Remaining family members could be left with fulfilling your financial responsibilities or taking care of you.

LSU partners with UnitedHealthcare to provide you and your family with valuable AD&D insurance at affordable rates. This benefit pays in the event of death or dismemberment resulting from an accident. You may select coverage for yourself, your spouse and/or your children. You can enroll, make changes, or cancel this benefit at any time throughout the year.

Employee Options 12-Month Premiums: Employee Only 12-Month Premiums: Family
$27,500 $0.52 $0.77
$55,000 $1.05 $1.54
$82,500 $1.57 $2.31
$110,000 $2.09 $3.08
$165,000 $3.14 $4.62


$275,000 $5.23 $7.70
$300,000 $5.70 $8.40

Family members may be insured for a portion of the employee's principal sum

  • Spouse: 50% of employee's elected amount if no insured Dependent Child(ren); 40% if insured Dependent children
  • Child(ren): 15% of employee's elected amount if no insured Spouse; 10% if insured Spouse

Scheduled Benefit Amounts

Below is a brief list of injuries and benefits payable based on the amount of coverage selected. Please see the Certificate of Coverage for more information on covered benefits.

Injury Benefit Paid
Death 100%
Loss of both hands or feet 100%
Loss of sight in both eyes 100%
Quadriplegia 100%
Paraplegia 75%
Loss of one hand or foot 50%
Coma 50%
Loss of speech or hearing 50%
Thumb and Index Finger 25%

AD&D Insurance Features

  • Child Care Expense
  • Education Benefit
  • Repatriation Benefit
  • Common Carrier Hazard Benefit

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

UnitedHealthcare Customer Service: 1-888-299-2070

Policy #303972




AD&D can be added, changed, or cancelled at any time during the year.

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