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The Accident Protection Plan provides coverage if an accident occurs, on or off the job. This insurance is designed to protect your finances by helping you pay for those unexpected costs associated with an accidental injury. LSU partners with UnitedHealthcare to provide you and your family with valuable accident protection. This benefit covers a wide range of common injuries and covered accidents. If you or a covered family member become injured, Accident Protection will pay you a direct cash benefit. The amount of money you receive depends on the type and severity of the injury and can be used any way you choose.

Wellness Benefit

The Accident Protection plan includes a wellness benefit of $50 per year ($100 if covering a spouse) if you have certain health screening tests, such as a mammogram, colonoscopy, or certain blood tests. You must file a wellness claim form in order to receive the payment. More information can be found on the flyer.

Plan Benefits

Below is a brief list of services and benefits payable based on the amount of coverage selected. Please see the Certificate of Coverage for more information on covered benefits.

Examples of Coverage: Initial Care               Scheduled Benefit
Ground Ambulance $300
Air Ambulance $1,800
Emergency Room Treatment $150
Physician Office/Urgent Care Visit $75
Examples of Coverage: Hospital Care Scheduled Benefit
Hospital Admission $1,000
Hospital Inpatient Stay (per day up to 365 days) $250
Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Admission $3,000

Examples of Coverage: Follow Up Care       Scheduled Benefit
Major Diagnostic Exam $250
Follow Up Physician Visit $75
Physical Therapy (per day up to six days} $30

Accident Protection Plan Premiums

Accident Protection Plan Monthly Premium
Employee Only  $9.15
Employee + Spouse $13.60
Employee + Children $12.36
Employee + Family $16.81


UnitedHealthcare Customer Service:

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Accident Protection and Dependents can only be changed during Annual Enrollment or due to a qualifying event.

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