Apply for Academic Common Market

Step 1: Contact your home state’s SREB rep

To begin the Academic Common Market process, you’ll need to contact your home state’s SREB representative. Your home state’s representative will have documents for you to submit before moving on in the ACM process.

How to find your state’s SREB rep

  1. Visit the Program Search page on the SREB website
  2. Select your home state
  3. Click the “State Information” button

Step 2: Submit the LSU ACM interest form

Upon submission of the ACM Interest Form, your interest in Academic Common Market at LSU will be officially recorded.

Step 3: Receive LSU ACM letter in Admission Portal

Upon approval of your Academic Common Market status, you will be able to download a PDF of your letter in your Admission Portal.

Step 4: Send official letter to SREB state rep

Submit the above letter to your home state’s SREB rep.

Step 5: Monitor myLSU for tuition exemption

Upon receipt of your official letter, the SREB will send confirmation to LSU that you are eligible to enroll in Academic Common Market. Because of this, your tuition exemption may not be updated by the time fee bills are due. Exemptions will be accepted until the last day of classes each semester, and refunds will be issued for the difference.

Step 6: Continue to meet the requirements for Academic Common Market

Once enrolled at LSU, the University Registrar will monitor your eligibility for Academic Common Market. See additional provisions below:

  • To maintain the full ACM exemption you must remain in the state-approved respective degree program and enroll in a minimum of 12 hours of courses that apply directly to the approved degree program
  • If you enroll part-time or in less than 12 credit hours of degree-applicable courses, you will only receive a partial exemption
    • Graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours of degree-applicable courses
  • If you change majors, you will need to reapply for ACM to continue to receive the exemption
  • If you are not enrolled at LSU for one or more fall or spring semesters, you must reapply for ACM through your state coordinator
  • Contact the University Registrar for any inquiries or changes to your degree program