Esprit de Femme Student Leader Award

Esprit de Femme Student Leader Award

The Student Leader Award was given from 2016-2021.

The leadership award is awarded to students who meet the application selection criteria and exemplify the qualities of leadership, character and service, as demonstrated by past and present honorees of the Esprit de Femme Award at LSU. The LSU Women’s Center Esprit de Femme Award is an annual acknowledgment of a person who has made exceptional efforts towards the advancement of women. The Women’s center seeks to honor individuals that strive to enrich the lives of women in hope that others will follow their example. This Esprit de Femme award honors an individual who makes exceptional efforts to assuage the struggles of women in our community, state, and culture.

The qualifications for this accolade include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Elevating the status of women and improving policies that affect women in the state of Louisiana;
  • Participating in the mentoring and betterment of women; generating and disseminating knowledge concerning women’s health through research, teaching, and public presentations;
  • Significantly contributing to the arts, business and industry, as well as charity and civic engagement that focuses on the needs of women;
  • Advocating for the upward mobility of women in our society.

The Esprit de Femme Student Leadership Award seeks to recognize students who are emerging leaders and will one day be eligible nominees and recipients of the Esprit de Femme Award.

2016    Endya Hash

2016    Monique LeBlanc

2016    Chauncey Stephens

2017    Camille Faircloth

2017    Lacey Sanchez

2018    Julie Butler

2018    Sarah Perkins

2019    Dominique Dunbar

2019    Sydni Prather

2021    Tyler Hunt

2021    Revathi Menon