Program Description

The LSU Discover Undergraduate Research program supports student participation in faculty-mentored research and professional-level activities.  For students looking to become involved in undergraduate research, we offer assistance in finding a mentor, events to learn more about undergraduate research, and opportunities to talk to research students about their experiences in any major.  For students who are currently involved in undergraduate research, we offer funding, workshops, awards, and an annual symposium to present your work.  LSU Discover is constantly growing so keep checking back with us for new opportunities and programming.


What is Undergraduate Research?

The term “undergraduate research” can encompass a wide variety of activities on a university campus.  For our program, undergraduate research refers to those activities in which a student works on a creative or research project under the mentor-ship of a faculty member or researcher.  These projects explore a specific topic within a field and that topic may be developed independently by the student or in collaboration with the mentor.  Participation in undergraduate research can occur in one of many different modes including: paid positions,  for course credit (typically independent studies or special problems courses), scholarship opportunities, honors theses, or as volunteers.


Why participate in Undergraduate Research?

Here’s why LSU undergraduates participate in research:

  • Define career goals and solidifies the choice of a major
  • Improve problem solving ability and critical thinking skills
  • Networking opportunities through mentorship
  • Become more competitive as prospective employees
  • Prepare for continuing, graduate-level study
  • Opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world problem solving

"Research learning felt more ‘practical’ and genuine because I was actively coming up with solutions and figuring out how to apply the things I learned in class towards the completion of a task or goal."
– Brandon Oubre, College of Science, Class of 2015

"For me, in-class learning has provided the necessary knowledge of what is, while research and studio work have applied that knowledge to discover what can be possible for the future."
– Erin Percevault, College of Art & Design, Class of 2015

Watch a video of College of Engineering student Camryn Johnson, Class of 2014, discussing her research. 


Mission Statement

The mission of LSU Discover at Louisiana State University and A&M College is to provide a supportive environment where all undergraduate students can engage in mentored scholarship, original research, or creative endeavors.


Vision Statement

Undergraduate students participating in LSU Discover at Louisiana State University and A&M College will achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development and increase their ability to become valued and leading members of society by working alongside acclaimed research faculty.


Strategic Goals

  1. LSU Discover will gain insight into knowledge, attitudes, and practices of current students and faculty concerning undergraduate research and creative endeavors.
  2. LSU Discover will offer a variety of scholarly research and creative endeavors opportunities for all undergraduates.
  3. LSU Discover will provide programmatic activities that will help students to develop the skills necessary in their research and creative endeavors.
  4. LSU Discover will provide a supportive atmosphere that will celebrate the success of undergraduate students and their faculty mentors.