Request for E-Text

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please provide the syllabus associated with each course for which you are requesting books on tape or E-text. Failure to include a syllabus with your request may result in delayed processing.

Alternate Form

Complete the form below to request E-Text:

By submitting this form,

I understand that I received priority registration as an accommodation through the Disability Services (DS).

I understand that any changes made to my schedule after submitting the request form to DS will result in me receiving my e-text after the beginning of the Semester.

  • I agree that in the event I change my schedule or determine that a textbook no longer needs to be read onto tapes or put in electronic format, I will notify DS immediately.
  • I agree that I will pick-up my CD’s from DS within three (3) class days of being notified they are available. I understand that failure to do so may result in the suspension of my services.