Behavioral Research Lab 

Students use computer stations in research labThe Behavioral Research Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that provides the E. J. Ourso College's faculty and students with the means to conduct cutting-edge, technology-based marketing research. The lab features 28 networked computer workstations fitted with multimedia research equipment and one control computer. The lab also has physiological measurement devices and eye-tracking equipment, enabling faculty and students to conduct innovative behavioral research that would not be possible without these technologies. 

Each semester, approximately 2,000 LSU students have the opportunity to participate in research performed in the behavior lab, creating one of the largest student-based behavioral research participant pools in the country.​


The behavioral lab is located in room 2440 of the Business Education Complex (BEC). To get here, take the stairs or elevator by BEC 1510 (Auditorium) to the second floor of the building. On the second floor, take a left toward the graduate wing of the BEC. In the wing's main hallway, turn right (west, toward Patrick Taylor Hall) and go to the end of the hall. The Behavioral Lab is the last room on the left. Please wait in the hall until you are asked to come into the experiment.​

To sign up to participate in a study, login to our Sona Systems page.

Funds for the facility's construction and subsequent capability expansion were provided through generous grants from the Louisiana Board of Regents: LEQSF (2011-12)-ENH-TR-11 and LEQSF (2014-15)-ENH-TR-05, respectively. Dan Rice, the lead Primary Investigator on both grants, has served as a director since the lab's inception. Ron Niedrich, co-PI on the original grant, and Andrew Kuo and Andrew Schwarz, co-PI's on the expansion grant, have also positively influenced the direction, design, and function of the facility. The lab projects have benefited considerably from the help and guidance of LSU Department of Facilities Development and the LSU Office of Sponsored Programs. The success of the facility is a testament to the world-class outcomes resulting from a partnership with the Louisiana Board of Regents and teamwork within the Department of Marketing, Office of Dean, the college faculty, and the university departments involved in the acquisition and administration of the funding grants. ​

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