Welcome to Supplier Engagement

Louisiana State University is committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through the use of diverse suppliers. The goal of the diversity initiative is to identify, align, strengthen and connect with Louisiana’s historically underutilized business enterprises.  Creating opportunities for HUB business enterprises that result in a meaningful economic impact for Louisiana State University and the community.


Supplier Engagement section, under the supervision of Finance & Administration Procurement Services, is responsible for managing the Supplier Diversity Plan which includes implementation, monitoring and reporting. Our team will work in conjunction with Procurement Services, Accounting Services, Facilities Development, Facilities Management and the Campus Community to ensure that procurement activities are conducted within the parameters of the plan.

LSU continues to grow its supplier diversity program. We have increased opportunities for HUBs with training and education, mentoring, networking and other innovative development approaches. If you are a HUB that is interested in providing services to LSU, please join our database of suppliers by following the supplier application process.

Those interested in learning more about the Supplier Engagement are encouraged to contact us by email at suppdiversity@lsu.edu.

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